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Everything the first time fish-keeper needs to know to set up a tank. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions help you create and develop your aquarium - whether it's coldwater, tropical or marine. Charts and tables show how to deal with ailments and diseases, and there's a guide to the most common fish. There are profiles of over tropical, marine and coldwater fish, as well as plants and invertebrates. Marine Fishes Scott W. Like a field guide to marine aquarium fishes, this first PocketExpert?

Guide offers a quick but authoritative reference for identifying, buying, and keeping more than popular saltwater species. Designed by a team of marine enthusiasts and aquarium professionals, this information-packed handbook covers all of the fishes most often seen by hobbyists. Included are all 29 major families and groups of marine aquarium fishes, ranging from angelfishes, butterflyfishes, and cardinalfishes to surgeonfishes, triggerfishes, and wrasses. This mini encyclopaedia is packed with sensible advice and practical guidance.

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The first part explores the techniques and systems used to sustain tropical marine fishes and shows how to apply these in setting up a tropical marine aquarium. This is followed by expert advice on feeding, maintenance, health care and breeding. Part two presents a wide-ranging selection of tropical marine fish from around the world, with details of their compatibility, feeding habits and breeding potential. This mini encyclopedia is packed with sensible advice and practical guidance.

The first part shows how to set up a freshwater tropical aquarium in the home. Part two explores further aspects of fishkeeping, including how to choose and use aquarium plants plus advice on feeding, breeding, health care and routine maintenance. Part three presents a wide-ranging selection of suitable fish, including details of their origin, ideal aquarium conditions, compatibility and breeding. This book looks at fish babies, and examines how fish babies are born, how they are cared for, how they develop, and differences and similarities between baby fish and their parents.

The book also includes a picture glossary of key and difficult terms, and a page showing the life cycle of a fish. This is the comprehensive expert guide to planning, building, stocking and maintaining your aquaria, both marine and freshwater, illustrated by over step-by-step colour photographs and artworks. This is a definitive guide to identifying and keeping freshwater and marine fishes.

It provides everything you need to get started as a fish-keeper - the ultimate practical guide to setting up any type of aquarium. It includes clear step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow instructions for planning, building, stocking and maintaining your aquarium. It contains a comprehensive fish identifier - hundreds of colour pictures of the world's most popular fish in their natural locations and habitats and how the professionals keep them.

It is fully illustrated with over colour photographs and specially commissioned artworks. This comprehensive guide contains all the information and advice you need to ensure you get the most out of your aquarium. The book is divided into two sections. The first half explains in how to set up your aquarium, how to select the type of fish you want and how to maintain a healthy tank environment.

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There is a separate sub-section that is devoted to accommodating the special requirements of marine fish and each topic is treated with a hands-on approach. The second part of the book looks at the fish themselves and the general merits, habitats, feeding and breeding requirements of many fish in each of the major groups.

Written in a no-nonsense, practical style and illustrated throughout, this is the book that every aquarium owner must own. Sort by: Hand-picked favourites. Gregory Skomal. In odd pages, both the books aim at providing step by step instructions on how to pick the right aquarium, selecting the correct fish and plant varieties and maintaining it. There is also a lot of expanded guidance on which fish varieties can be combined and how common aquarium problems can be addressed.

Download PDF Aquarium Guide: Tropical Fish Species Guide (Aquarium Guides Book 2)

And the best part is all this information is presented by using as little technical terms as possible. Moreover, both the editions follow the excellent Dummies style and are filled with side-bar information and appendixes, making it easier to quickly reference specific sections. The only complain you can have is that the current editions were published in , so they are more than a decade old.

Still, you would not find a lot of outdated information.

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Furthermore, they are both available in Kindle editions! David E. Boruchowitz is a six-decade veteran in the field of fishkeeping and has a number of hobbyist and aquarist books to his credit on every type of aquarium and fish care. This beginner guide on freshwater aquarium is probably one of the best for newbies to follow.

This informative book is extremely well written keeping the average newbie in mind. It covers all the aspects, starting from how to pick the right aquarium, find the right varieties of fish, how to maintain water chemistry and ensure that your fish thrives in the environment.

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The book is especially light in the scientific jargon and tries to keep the reader focused on the actionable things. It is a healthy pages long, which is the right balance between being detailed and being too shallow. Though the current second edition was published way back in , you will find that most of the advice in the book is still valid and in line with other conscientious aquarists of today.

If you are looking to start on setting up a saltwater aquarium and are looking for a ready reckoner, then The New Marine Aquarium by Michael S. Paletta is the best place to start.

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The book is relatively short at odd pages, simple and easy to read, even to young readers. It is extremely to the point and covers simple methods and practices to build a flourishing reef aquarium. It does not cover a lot of underlying science in detail, but that is deliberate to keep the content condensed and easy to absorb. The book has a bunch of checklists, shopping lists and step-by-step instructions, well supported by beautiful photographs illustrated by Edward Kadnuc. And even though it was published in almost all the information except maybe some references to aquarium equipment is still relevant.

The Ecology of the Planted Aquarium is probably the most science-oriented book in our list of top beginner guides. Authored by renowned microbiologist and long-time aquarium hobbyist Diana Walstad this book has been a standard guide to low-tech aquariums since its first edition in In odd pages, the book covers practical scientific information for experienced hobbyists on how to set up and maintain a planted freshwater ecosystem by exploiting the symbiotic relationship between the plants and fish in the aquarium.

This emphasis on low-tech solutions makes this book a favorite of many aquarists around the world. A lot of information in the book is presented in question and answer format, which makes the suggestions easy to follow and implement. All the scientific information in the book is well supported by technical and experimental data. The Ecology of the Planted Aquarium has long stood the test of time and the current third edition, published in would be a worthy addition to your library. And it is also available in Kindle!. No list of aquarium guides is complete without including an encyclopedia with a collection of most popular fish breeds and varieties.

The current edition is authored by Mary Bailey and Gina Sandford and filled with over photographs with useful information on both freshwater and marine fishes in in each of the eight major fish groups. At pages, the book is quite well organized and also has some additional information on how to setup and maintain a freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

In addition to the books listed above, there are some aquarium hobby-focused websites that can provide a lot of useful information, advice and tips for setting up an aquarium and ensuring its proper upkeep. Some of our favorites are listed below:. In addition, you can check out the following phone and tablet applications to help you simplify the management of your aquarium:. In this article, we listed out twelve popular books for proper upkeep of fish, authored by some of the best experts and fish hobbyists in the field. These books provide invaluable information on how to start on building your own aquarium — be it a freshwater or a saltwater aquarium.