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Here's the thing. The writing quite literally slays, and so does the characterization. The other half? I could barely get through a page before falling asleep. There would be pages and pages of descriptions - and while they were mind-blowing, I was dyyinggg for the story to start. So just a heads up - it takes about halfway or maybe even more for anything to even start happening.

My recommendation? If you're a writer or aspiring writer - this is a must read. For sure. But be prepared going into it. I think I've highlighted half the book because of how pretty and raw the sentences were. It was poetic at times and short and raw at others.

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Such an interesting combination I feel like I've learned a ton and I owe Laini a great deal for that. Lazlo Strange is easily one of the most tender and relatable characters in YA lit. He was precious down to the bone, and I swear I don't think anyone could read about him and not fall in love. From the very first page, too. He sucks you in quick. His fascination of 'Weep' becomes the reader's fascination of weep. It's impossible not to feel Lazlo's emotions. As far as the other characters - same deal. They all felt real. I loved Sarai even though she didn't have a huge personality.

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Her abilities are super dark but super cool and I was totally rooting for her. I also liked to see the interaction with the other I love how they each had distinguishable personalities. What I didn't love? Their POV talking about next to nothing. Anyway, like I said, the pacing is extremely slow and I think the characters are the entire reason I stuck around.

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  5. If it hadn't been for them, I would have just picked it up occasionally to get some writing inspiration. The world building was also phenomenally done, albeit weird at times with the metal thing. But cool. Okay, does anyone remember watching 'The Little Princess' as a kid? That movie was what spurred my obsession with Indian Folklore. I would chain watch that movie over and over again because of the blue goddess love story and ahhhh this book brought back memories of that and of other stories I used to love.

    Ugh see?

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    This is my issue. I would have loved this book so much more -perhaps even cried over it- if the pacing had been better. So here I sit with mixed feelings. So much greatness. So much brilliance. And yet it took me months to get through it. Take what you will from that! View all 59 comments. Aug 04, Emma Giordano rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobooks. Wow this book truly blew me away!!!

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    I avoided reading Strange The Dreamer for a looooongggg time. I have a record of epic high fantasy with lyrical prose not sitting well with me and combined with my inability to grasp the synopsis before reading, I was greatly intimidated by this book. How glad I am that I finally gave it a chance and took my time with it because I can't imagine having not experienced this story!

    Sep 04, Miranda Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobook. Lazlo Strange, an orphaned child, was always fascinated by tales of the missing city - he would make-believe all sorts of adventures. One day, while playing alone in the monastery orchard, something wondrous and terrible happened.

    The name of the city was snatched out of his head and replaced with Weep. He spends every waking moment obsessed with finding out what happened - when suddenly, years later, someone from that very city visits Lazlo sacrifices everything to follow that man back to the city of Weep - it's not every day that your dreams come true.

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    But when did that ever stop any dreamer from dreaming. Meanwhile, Sarai is Godspawn - child of the immortal and mortal - only years ago, the mortals rebelled and slain every last God and Godspawn Sarai and her other Godspawn spent the last few decades hiding on the floating city.

    They were children, still in their diapers when the great slaughter happened. She spent her childhood half-staved, unbearably isolated and completely on their own. She's a teenager, along with the other surviving Godspawn, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to hide their presence A chance encounter between Lazlo and Sarai sparks something that neither of them could ever have anticipated Overall - this one swept me off of my feet. I loved the wild and whimsical world Liani Taylor created - the odd magic, the alien-ness of the Godspawn, the simple joys of Lazlo the librarian-turned-adventurer.

    The only thing that threw me out of this novel was the love - it was absolutely terrible. If the rest of the book wasn't so good, I would've one-starred this one based on the awful love story. Most of the book centers around backstory of both Lazlo and Sarai and how they came to be in the same city.

    Then, they make eye-contact in a dream - BOOM - eternal love and devotion. It's just like Taylor wrote such a rich, complex and absolutely beautiful story I forgot to make the characters fall in love. Where's my shoe-horn? Without seeing that relationship build, it just seems eye-rollingly-ridiculous.

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    Really put me off of reading the second book. I'll still read it, because I'm in love with this amazing world, but I am crossing my fingers that the romance calms itself down. Audiobook Comments Extremely well-read by Steven West - the audio really enhanced the novel!

    Take Five: Juliet Marillier on her latest novel, Dreamer’s Pool + GIVEAWAY

    Blog Instagram Twitter View all 40 comments. I'm thinking about how to review this and honestly, words fail me, so this'll be an attempt. Drafted attempt, mind you.

    I mean, I will try and somewhat make this cohesive. But nothing will of course do it justice.